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Support in managing anxiety, anger, bipolar disorder, and more, combining psychoeducation with somatic coping skills, stress management, and lifestyle changes.


Everyone has a Window of Tolerance—the range in which you function optimally, manage stressors, and live out your personal values. Many of us, however, find ourselves pushed to the outer limits of our Window of Tolerance far too often for comfort, reacting with anger, caught up in anxiety, or feeling numb and paralyzed. Learning self-regulation in therapy will provide you with a set of skills to widen your Window of Tolerance, spend more time in that optimal state, and return to your Window of Tolerance more quickly once you identify symptoms of anger, anxiety, depression, or shutdown.

For individuals with bipolar disorder, self-regulation can be even more challenging. In addition to teaching you self-regulation skills, we will work on how to hone and use your self-awareness to your best advantage, what lifestyle changes will support long-term stability, and what external supports will be most helpful. We may also discuss internalized stigma, interpersonal relationships, crisis management, and coordinating care with a prescriber.

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