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I offer a 3-hour interactive parenting workshop focused on attachment and connection, neurological regulation, and discipline. If you would like to host a workshop for your organization, please contact me at for pricing, availability, and an outline of content.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment


"I learned about keeping awareness of both my Window of Tolerance as well as my children's. I can give myself and them more grace. Thank you for providing this!"

T. W.

"I learned it's okay to repair, and I can do a better job of acknowledging ruptures and repairing them. I loved all of the information and thought it was so helpful. Extremely likely to recommend!"


Timeouts cut connection! I have seen this, but it was helpful to hear it. Now I know how to phase out or limit unhelpful strategies."

Topics Include:

  • How your own childhood impacts your parenting, and what to do about it

  • How to stay calm in even the most stressful parenting situations

  • How to help your kids regulate and change behaviors

  • How to build and protect a secure bond with your kids

  • How to discipline in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling awful or powerless

  • How to adjust to the changing needs of teenagers without losing connection

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