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About Me

Karyn Resch Brackney, MA LPC

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I’ll alway be a Montana girl, and the sight of mountains means home to me. Some of my favorite things are film scores, tea with cream, the smell of old books, thunderstorms, Audrey Hepburn movies, and autumn in the mountains. I get lost a lot when I go hiking. I love new notebooks and old jeans. I rarely go anywhere without a book, even though I'm the mom of a toddler and reading time is scarce.


My life has been a beautiful mess all along, like one of those paintings where you just fling color at the canvas and then spread it around with your fingers. It took a long time, though, to be able to see that mess as beautiful. I had to learn to tell my story in a new way, as a story full of hope and redemption. I had to learn to experience myself as precious and beloved. I had to learn that the darkness is worth traversing, and every step of the journey is valuable.


One of the places that journey has taken me is into the field of counseling.


I now work with adults and young adults, and provide affirming care for LGBTQ+ individuals. I am supportive of spirituality in all its beautiful diversity, but I also understand that some have experienced deep pain in religious communities. I incorporate a trauma-informed perspective into all of my work, and utilize evidence-based practices to help you gain freedom from past hurts. As an attachment-based therapist, I strive to foster attachment healing through the therapeutic relationship. I also employ mindfulness techniques to help you manage symptoms, grow your mind-body connection, and live out of a deeper embodiment. If you're interested in reading more about my work, take a look at my blog, where I explore theories and practical concepts related to therapy in more detail.


Please feel free to contact me at 720-263-6545 or to talk more about how I can help you reach your goals.

Areas of Focus:

Young Adults (18-26)

Adults (26+)

Parenting Support

Religion & Spirituality

Young Adulthood

Trauma & PTSD


(anxiety, anger, bipolar disorder)

New Mental Health Professionals

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