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New Mental Health Professionals

Therapy for graduate students preparing to enter the mental health field in counseling, psychology, or social work.

New Mental Health Professionals

For those who are choosing to enter the mental health field, personal therapy is critical. You have blind spots to identify, attachment styles to understand, self-care routines to establish, and perhaps mental health concerns of your own to manage. The work you’re doing in your graduate programs will stir up old traumas, unresolved griefs, insecurities, and issues with family. Having a place to sort through all of this is important to your professional development.

Your ability to hold space for future clients as they make their own courageous journeys toward wellness will depend in part on the depth of your own experience on that same journey. The way you engage with therapy now will have a profound effect on the way you work with clients throughout your career. Take full advantage of this meaningful time in your life.

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