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Support and education for parents of infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and teenagers. Trauma-informed care for parents with a history of trauma, mental health concerns, or a difficult upbringing of their own.


Tired of yelling at your kids? Overwhelmed with the non-stop stress of parenting? Stuck on tough discipline problems? My approach is based on proven techniques for self-regulation that give you the skills to stay calm no matter what your child throws at you. I offer parents interventions using a broad range of knowledge, including human and child development, interpersonal neurobiology, healthy attachment, and strategies for discipline, communication, regulation, and more.

Perhaps you’re desperate not to repeat the mistakes your own parents made, or haunted by childhood wounds activated by the presence of your own child. It’s common for parenthood to resurrect things we thought we had successfully buried a long time ago. I provide a place for you to process the impact your childhood has on you today, on the way you connect with others, on your parenting, and on your relationship with yourself. I will help you make meaning out of your experiences and free your body and mind from past traumas.

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